About the Hope Bag


The hope bag is a project set up by Megan Holmes who is 12 years old and goes to Longton Community Church. The idea came to Megan when she was out shopping wth her mum, she began to notice a lot of homeless people on the street. When she went home she continued to think about the subject. Megan discovered that over 54,000 people in the uk are homeless and more than 100 million people are homeless worldwide. After thought she didn’t think this was right and wanted to make a difference. Jesus cared for everyone not just the wealthy so Megan wanted to do just that.

Megan came up with the idea of a bag called the hope bag which is a reusable bag you can give to people on the street containg essential items for everyday use that you and me take for granted. Rather than just walking by we can show the homeless we care.

Within the bag there are things like: toothbrush,some toothpaste, thermal hat, gloves, socks and more.

Since telling her idea to others she has recieved donations, money and other things. In addition to she hasĀ built a team of young people to help.

For more information email-hopebag@longtoncommunitychurch.co.uk

Instagram- hopebaglcc

Facebook- Hopebags